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Flat Rack Container

Flatrack Container


Flatracks are types of specialised shipping containers used for transporting goods that cannot fit into standard containers due to their size or shape. They are designed to carry oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, such as machinery, vehicles, construction equipment, heavy industrial components, or large pipes.  

Our flatracks have open sides, no sidewalls, and collapsible end walls that allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo. We have two types of flatracks: fixed-end flatracks and collapsible-end flatracks.  

Collapsible flatracks  

These containers have collapsible end walls that can be folded down when empty. This is beneficial for easier storage and transportation when not in use. When loaded, the end walls are raised and secured to hold the cargo in place. Their ability to fold down when they are not in use saves valuable space in warehouses and construction sites.  

Their shape makes them adjustable so that, if you stack them on top of each other, they take up the space of a single standard container. If you have goods that can be easily transported or stored using collapsible flatrack containers, then consider either hiring or purchasing them.  

Non-collapsible flatracks  

Unlike collapsible flat racks, these have fixed walls on their shorter ends. Our noncollapsible flatracks are built with robust materials making them highly durable. Their design makes them less resistant to damage and makes them a more reliable option than collapsible flatracks when in tougher conditions.

The decision to choose non-collapsible flatracks over collapsible flatracks depends on your specific needs and requirements. Each type of flatrack has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's essential to consider your circumstances before making a choice. The choice should be based on your cargo's nature, volume, frequency of use, available storage space, budget, and logistical requirements. Alternatively, get in touch and our team can help advise you on which may be the best option for you: 0800 023 5060

Uses and applications  

  • Suitable for transporting large or abnormally shaped machinery, construction equipment, and industrial components
  • Can be used for moving construction materials such as steel bars, pipes, and lumber, cranes, turbines, automobiles, steel, glass  
  • Storing and transporting recyclable materials or waste to recycling centres or waste management facilities
  • Suitable for transporting buses, trucks, or other heavy-duty vehicles, large wooden logs, metal sheets, or machinery parts
  • Suitable for storing boats and yachts  

Flatrack container features  

  • Built-in forklift pockets  
  • Lashing devices on the top bottom longitudinal rails and the corner posts up to 5,000 kg (11,023 lbs)  
  • Equipped with spring-assisted collapsible end walls and twist locks to interlock 7 units into an 8'6" high pile


Our flatracks have uses across many industries such as construction, mining, energy, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, defence, military, entertainment, and events.   If you are not sure which type of flatrack is suitable for your cargo, our friendly team can assist you. We are fully flexible, so you have the choice of short or long-term hire, or you can purchase them. Simply fill out a quote or call our sales team: 0800 023 5060.

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