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ISO 1161
Tunnel Container

Tunnel Container


Tunnel containers provide enhanced flexibility for storing goods, especially in situations where access from both ends is advantageous. They are called “tunnel containers” because when the two doors on both ends open, you can see straight through to the other side. This design is particularly useful for efficient and streamlined operations, as it eliminates the need to turn containers around or reposition them to access the contents. Tunnel shipping containers are also known as double-end shipping containers or double-door containers.

The standardised dimensions of tunnel containers allow for easy stacking. They are available for hire and purchase in 20ft and 40ft sizes from our 23 depots across the UK.  

Tunnel containers also meet ISO standards, and are therefore viable for international shipping, and can be CSC plated for safe lifting whilst loaded.

Uses and applications  

  • Store household items, furniture, and bikes.
  • Place your bulk materials like grains, powders, and construction materials inside whilst on site.
  • Transport or store lumber, pipes, and other lengthy equipment. - Store tents, stages, lighting, and audio-visual gear or sports equipment.  

Features of tunnel containers

  • Exterior double doors on each end of the container
  • Locking boxes on each end
  • Two locking bars on each door
  • Two forklift pockets on each side of the container
  • Numerous air vents
  • Multiple lashing rings
  • PU-coated floor
  • Wind and waterproof


Like standard shipping containers, tunnel containers can be used in every industry. Our clients are frequently using them for their self-storage and on construction sites, on farms and for private businesses. Tunnel shipping containers are also used for events, exhibitions and film and television production. If you need easy access storage on site, contact our friendly team at 0800 023 5060 or fill out an enquiry.

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