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ISO 1161
High Cube Container

High Cube Container


High cube containers are a variant of the traditional shipping containers, designed to offer additional height without compromising on length and width. This type of container, also called “the taller cousin” of the standard shipping container, is available in 20ft and 40ft as standard. Unlike the standard shipping containers, which have a maximum height of 8 feet and 6 inches (approx. 2.59 m), high cube containers are 9 feet and 6 inches tall (approx. 2.89 m).  

The additional space in our high cubes optimises cargo capacity and volume, allowing for better ventilation, which is particularly important for perishable goods that require proper airflow. They also facilitate the installation of cooling or temperature control systems for temperature-sensitive cargo.

Uses and applications  

  • Oversized or tall cargo such as pipes, long structural components, and other construction materials can be effectively loaded in high cube containers.
  • As storage for household goods and tall furniture
  • Agricultural products  
  • Healthcare products  
  • Sports equipment
  • Tall machinery  

Features of our high cube containers  

  • Can hold up bulk cargo up to 2.70 m (8' 10¼") in height.
  • It contains lashing rings that can hold up cargo to 1, 000 kg (2,205 lbs)  
  • Lashing rings are installed on each of the upper longitudinal sections suitable for transporting and storing hanging garment equipment.
  • Steel floor available upon request


Similarly, to other types of shipping containers, our high cubes can be used in the construction industry, building and development, manufacturing, education, retail, sports, healthcare, self-storage, oil & gas, offshore and local government.

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