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Open Side Container

Open Side Container


Openside shipping containers, also known as side-opening containers, are specialised shipping containers that have one or more full-length side doors, in addition to the standard end doors. Unlike standard shipping containers that can only be accessed from the front end, openside containers have doors that span the entire length of one of the sides, providing easy access to the contents inside.  

The side-opening design makes openside containers highly versatile and suitable for storing large, or oversized items that may not easily fit through the standard end doors of regular shipping containers. Like standard shipping containers, openside containers are typically made of steel, making them sturdy, and weather-resistant while being on a self-storage site or a construction site.  

Open-side containers come in 20ft and 40ft sizes, which are available for hire or purchase from Willbox. The 20’ x 8’ side opening container is the most popular version, however a 40’ version is available via direct order with our brokerage department. The 40’ open side container is primarily available as a high cube (9’ 6” external height), however modifications are possible with our experienced container conversions team.

Uses and applications  

  • Often used as secure storage units for various items, whether on construction sites, commercial facilities, or personal properties.
  • Can be modified and converted into various structures, including offices, classrooms, housing units, restaurants, pop-up shops and exhibition stands.
  • Can be converted into greenhouses, tool sheds, or storage units for farming and gardening purposes.
  • Openside containers also function as temporary warehouses with convenient access to stored items.  

Features of our open-side containers  

  • Solid wood floor (ask our staff for availability of steel floors).
  • Equipped with pockets for forklift loading.  
  • Standard doors that open to 270 degrees.  
  • Multiple lashing points for strapping.  
  • Secure lockboxes on both sets of doors.


Our openside containers, suit a variety of industries because the side-opening doors make them very convenient when you need easy access to stored items. If you are in the market for need an openside shipping container, call our sales team on 0800 023 5060 or fill out a quote online.

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