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EN 12079
ISO 1161
Offshore Container

Offshore Container


What are offshore containers?

Offshore containers are specialised containers designed to meet the specific requirements of the offshore oil and gas industry and other marine applications. These containers are used for the transportation, storage, and handling of goods and equipment in offshore environments, which typically include offshore drilling rigs, production platforms, and support vessels. They are available in 10ft and 20ft for hire or sale.  

Our offshore shipping containers also called “DVN containers” are designed to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions of offshore operations. These containers are built to be durable and robust. These types of shipping containers are different from the standard ISO containers because they are considered to be stronger and safer, designed specifically to be stacked on deck and resistant to corrosion.

Featuring internal tie down points, offshore containers ensure that cargo can be securely loaded, and will remain safe during transit. Willbox currently supply offshore dry containers, which are rigorously tested, and regularly surveyed to ensure that they up to date with the current DNV 2.7-1 requirements.

  • DNV2.7-1 – Offshore containers
  • EN 12079 – Offshore containers – design, construction, testing, inspection marking.
  • ISO 1161 – Specification of corner fittings for series 1 freight containers.
  • CSC – International convention for safe containers (Select models only)

Uses and applications of an offshore container

  • Suitable for storing equipment supplies, on offshore drilling platforms, production facilities, and support vessels.
  • Storing items like drilling tools, valves, pumps, and safety equipment.
  • Used to store components, spare parts, and maintenance equipment for wind turbines located far from the shore.
  • Storing subsea equipment like remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater cameras, and sensors for various offshore applications.  

Features of our offshore containers  

  • DVN container certification
  • Protective coating against corrosive effects  
  • Integrated lifting points  
  • Designed with interlocking features to ensure stability while stacking  
  • Tie-down points and locking mechanisms
  • Removable or adjustable internal fittings to ensure that the load in the container is protected
  • Supplied with sling set for lifting


Offshore containers are mainly used in the oil and gas industry, research and exploration industry, shipping and logistics, offshore construction, offshore mining and offshore aquaculture. Anything that is out at sea for extended periods of time.  If you are considering purchasing or hiring an offshore container, get in contact with our hire or sales team: at 0800 023 5060 or simply fill out an enquiry here.

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