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Platform Container

Platform Container


Shipping container platforms are flat or open containers without sidewalls, end walls, or a roof. They often resemble a flatbed trailer, and their design allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo from the sides or from the top. The absence of walls and roof makes them suitable for carrying items that exceed the dimensions of regular containers, such as machinery, vehicles, construction equipment, or large, bulky items. They are often used to transport goods on small cargo vessels or ferries.  You can either hire or purchase our shipping container platforms with either wooden or steel floors, depending on the size and weight of your cargo. If you are not sure which type of floor is best for transporting or storing your cargo, speak to our friendly team on 0800 023 5060.  

Uses and applications

  • Used to transport unique and odd-shaped cargo such as industrial machinery, aeroplane parts and long pipes
  • Available in 20ft or 40ft
  • Easy to move and store with slots for forklifts

Features of our shipping container platform

  • Perfect for heavy and oversized cargo
  • The bottom construction is built to hold loads up to 60,000 kg
  • Gooseneck tunnel on both ends of 40’
  • Easy loading and transportation
  • 20' interlocked pile of max. 7 units
  • 40' interlocked pile of max. 4 units
  • Lots of strong lashing equipment
  • The static load for break bulk shipments is up to 85,000 kg (187,390 lbs) as a foundation base


Platform containers can be used in the logistics and cargo handling industry, it is a perfect shipping container type for farmers, agriculture and construction as well. If you’re looking to either hire or purchase a platform container, our Willbox team can assist you on 0800 023 5060.

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