Bespoke shipping container market size, statistics and uses

Bespoke shipping container market size, statistics and uses

April 13, 2022

Bespoke shipping container market size, statistics and uses

July 21, 2023
Bespoke shipping container market size, statistics and uses

In 2021, the global market size for container homes and offices was valued at $56.85b. Between 2022 and 2029, it will exhibit a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.7% - going from $59.27b in 2022 to $87.11b in 2029.

What a shipping container is and why they’ve become so popular

Shipping containers as a home, dwelling or working space have become quite popular in recent years. The large and reusable intermodal containers which are typically used to transport goods are now being used as homes and even residential units or buildings. Container homes can also be used to store goods on a temporary basis or move them across the world when need be. They can fit easily on the back of trucks or loaded onto ships and trains.

Given the uniform dimensions of containers, they are used by both families and corporates to provide customised homes and office spaces – a flat-looking shipping container from the outside, but a fully furnished and cosy home or office from the inside.

Bespoke container builds have continued to grow in popularity across the world because of their practicality and cost-effectiveness. They are also secure, easy to lift, and equally easy to put together. Most shipping containers are built from sustainable materials, so the idea of building a home out of a shipping container amidst the current cost of living crisis is a very feasible option indeed.

Latest ‘shipping container for home’ trends and driving factors

Since the pandemic, container homes and other bespoke builds have been gaining traction quickly as a sustainable form of living. Around 14 million containers around the world are currently being utilised in creative ways to make homes and rooms that cater to all budgets.

In fact, many architectural design concepts and possibilities have been explored thus far to build some truly stunning living and working spaces. For example, people have experimented with a variety of styles with their containers, from wooden accents and glass interiors to adding splashes of greenery across the corrugation, spiral staircases, and even transforming their space into a guesthouse to let.

Containers provide for some excellent and highly sustainable designing, adding a good sense of open space and style. They may also help to reduce electricity bills and other house expenses, and we are no doubt seeing consistent market growth both now and in the coming years.

Apart from doubling up as a cosy residential or working unit, shipping containers are also in high demand by construction companies which are now focusing more on sustainable construction and development methods, in order to obtain the desired energy efficiency certifications. Shipping containers made from sustainable, low-emission and energy-efficient materials are the perfect choice across multiple industries.

Governments worldwide are also making the push towards more energy-efficient infrastructure development and manufacturing practices, including green buildings, for which modular containers are ideal.

Closing thoughts on container home market size

The IFC (International Finance Corporation) estimates that the bespoke shipping container builds market could reach a value of $24.7 trillion by 2030. With the push towards more green and sustainable buildings, you can bet that the UK housing market will also continue to become more saturated with affordable homes made from shipping containers.

Willbox is your ‘go-to’ solution for container conversions and bespoke build solutions. Whether you want to use a shipping container as a home or office, or simply need to store items of interest, we can provide one that’s bespoke to your needs at some of the best rates you’ll find in the shipping container market: 0800 023 506

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