Containers & Cabins: Construction Site Accommodation

Containers & Cabins: Construction Site Accommodation

April 13, 2022

Containers & Cabins: Construction Site Accommodation

April 22, 2022
Containers & Cabins: Construction Site Accommodation

There are many different uses for shipping container units as site accommodation on construction sites. To name just a few, these include site offices, shower blocks, toilets, drying rooms, canteens, and sleeper cabins.

This useful guide will outline some of the most important aspects of good site accommodation, and what you need to ensure before installing shipping containers at your construction site.

Site Cabin Container


Site accommodation should be sturdy and durable. With many construction sites inevitably exposed to the elements, the accommodation should be able to withstand rain, snow, sleet, wind, and the rest.

Furthermore, with many hardened machines and vehicles in the vicinity, site accommodation benefits from being protective to its occupants. For example, should a JCB digger clip the building whilst driving past, the accommodation should not suffer easy damage. Luckily, steel shipping containers are extremely durable.


When the weather becomes disruptive to your operations, it's important that construction site workers have somewhere to go that's properly sheltered. This means no leaks or drafts, and a warm interior. This is especially important for areas where people will spend lots of time, like canteens or sleeper cabins, but equally for drying rooms and toilets.


Security is paramount on construction sites. Whether it's a site office that contains sensitive documents, or a storage facility that houses valuable tools, it's imperative to prevent criminals having easy access to your facilities.

Access points should be reinforced, and you should have a comprehensive security system in place, including CCTV, alarms, and 24-hour monitoring of the site itself. Shipping containers are extremely secure units, and our range of site accommodation is anti-vandal - security is a high priority.


Construction sites are dangerous places. Good and proper measures should be taken to ensure safety in all areas, and this means sticking to strict guidelines. As just one example, if you use multiple shipping container units stacked together with stairs attached for entry and exit, non-slip steps should be included to prevent accidents after rain or ice.

Remember to consult with experts for information about fire safety regulations, and always make sure that the electrics are in good condition.


Construction sites can be uncompromising places, and comfort is not something regularly attributed to this working lifestyle. However, there is no good reason for site accommodation to be below-par on this front.

Whilst installing expensive fluffy carpets and cosy armchairs may not be the best use of budget, there's no harm in keeping these units warm, dry, and generally comfortable. Site accommodation should be properly insulated and temperature controlled, and break out areas should have appropriate entertainment and furniture.


Construction site accommodation needs to move from place to place. In some cases, it will need to move around different places within the same site, as the build project reaches new stages. This is one of the primary considerations of site accommodation, and one of the main benefits of using converted shipping containers.

These units are easily stacked and moved from one location to another by forklifts, cranes, and lorries. This allows for a supremely flexible site, and the ability to reduce or increase the accommodation as necessary when the workforce grows or shrinks.


We spoke a little earlier about the importance of comfort, but practicality also sits high on the priority list for site accommodation requirements. It's important to remember the context of the locations in which they'll be used and the people that will be using them. The chances are that your construction sites will be muddy, and so will your workers' boots.

Therefore, it's important to make site units easy to clean. It's the simple yet insightful touches that make site accommodation units truly practical. It's about thinking about what workers will need at the time, and adapting the buildings to suit requirements - site offices need electricity, heaters, pin boards, and coat hooks.


We're delighted to supply a large range of construction site accommodation units. These shipping containers are converted by our own experts and steel fabricators, completed to optimum standards of safety and security. We deliver straight to you, anywhere in the UK.

For more information about the accommodation we provide, and to enquire about hiring or buying construction site units, contact Willbox today.

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