Shipping container sizes, uses and applications

Shipping container sizes, uses and applications

April 13, 2022

Shipping container sizes, uses and applications

April 22, 2022
Shipping container sizes, uses and applications

Shipping containers are extremely practical items. They can be used as mobile storage units whilst redecorating homes, permanent storage facilities for agriculture or industry, or even converted into living spaces. They're tough, durable, and affordable to hire or to buy outright. As you may suspect, there are numerous practical uses for such containers.

In their initial form, shipping containers are used to safely transport large items or household products nationally or internationally. The containers are made from the toughest steel, and are available with numerous security options.

Moreover, the containers are weatherproof, as they need to be whilst being dragged across the atlantic in high winds! In the modern day, shipping containers are also used for business diversification or expansion, especially in the case of agriculture. Plenty of self-storage facilities have utilised them to securely contain customers' possessions, and the affordability of containers like these make for a scalable enterprise.

Without further ado, let's look at the wide range of container sizes and their uses.

8ft containers

The smaller and more compact-sized container available. These containers are equipped with an extra-durable flooring system, and they have tough weather sealed doors. The 8ft containers represent the perfect solution for smaller storage requirements, or for shipping goods nationally.

It is important to keep in mind that such containers can be rented, but many people choose to buy them since the relatively small and compact size makes the containers perfect, even for back garden personal storage. Learn more about our 8ft shipping containers for sale or check out our range of small shipping containers.

10ft containers

These containers can be repurposed for several applications. They can also be used as portable storage units, or custom-modified to suit specific requirements (a smaller tool shed, an open platform deck, garden shed, etc.). Many people invest in such containers and equip them with shelving racks for maximum storage capacity. Learn more about our 10ft shipping containers.

20ft containers

Typically used as storage units, or for transportation of larger-sized goods and items (such as work equipment, for example). Shipping containers represent the cheapest and most secure storage method available. This is why the 20ft containers are widely-used across many industries, but one can also see them in back gardens, school playgrounds and at construction sites across the UK.

The container can be customised to fit the individual needs of the owner with special doors, windows, shelves, flooring systems and even electricity and heating options. The containers are made of top-quality steel that inhibits corrosion, which is why they represent a highly-popular option as outdoor storage solutions, across many different applications. Read more about 20ft containers.

40ft containers

These larger-sized shipping containers have a wide array of uses. They can be utilised as secure storage, or even modified as temporary or permanent accommodation (custom tailored mobile homes). The 40ft container option can be modified to suit your individual needs and wishes, such as painting them in your desired colour, or the creation of brand-related designs on the exterior, which is especially useful in the case of mobile sales units.

Read more about 40ft containers. Shipping containers have indeed plenty of practical uses. One important thing to remember is that you should always purchase a shipping container through a highly reputable and experienced provider. It's possible to buy either new or used containers, and thereafter customise them to your specific needs.

Whether you will use the container as mobile storage, for conventional transportation, or for a business expansion or diversification, you cannot go wrong by investing in a quality shipping container. Due to their incredible durability and wide range of applications, containers retain their value well, and so make for a sensible investment overall.

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