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Site Accommodation Hire

Site Accommodation Hire

Site accommodation hire refers to the renting or leasing of temporary structures and facilities for various projects, particularly in the construction industry. This allows businesses and organisations to quickly and easily set up on-site offices, welfare facilities, sleeping quarters, and other amenities. Site accommodation hire services typically offer a wide range of options, including portable cabins, modular buildings, portable offices, portable toilets, and various sizes to meet different accommodation requirements. These rental units often come with high-quality facilities, such as canteen facilities, suitable welfare facilities, and toilet facilities. With the availability of accommodation units of different sizes, construction sites of all scales can find an ideal solution to meet their specific needs. Companies can conveniently set up temporary accommodation for their workers by opting for site accommodation hire, providing them with comfortable and safe facilities while working on a project.

Benefits of Site Accommodation Hire

Site accommodation hire provides various benefits for construction sites and public events, offering a comfortable and sturdy working environment. With a wide variety of welfare units available for hire, including site offices, canteens, security cabins, portable toilets, and toilet blocks, it ensures that all necessary facilities are provided.

One of the key advantages of site accommodation hire is its quick setup times. These units can be delivered and installed promptly, saving valuable time on construction projects or event preparations. This allows workers to start tasks without delay and ensures that facilities are available when needed.

Cost savings are also a significant benefit of site accommodation hire. Instead of investing in permanent structures and facilities, hiring temporary units is more cost-effective. This is particularly beneficial for short-term projects or events where the need for these facilities is temporary.

Furthermore, site accommodation hire ensures high-quality facilities for workers and attendees. Portable cabins and welfare units are designed to meet industry standards, providing a comfortable and safe working environment. This boosts productivity and enhances the overall experience for everyone involved.

In summary, site accommodation hire offers a comfortable working environment, a wide range of welfare units, quick setup times, cost savings, and high-quality facilities. Hiring site accommodation is an ideal solution for a construction site or a public event.

Types of Construction Site Accommodation Available for Hire

Various types of site accommodation are available for hire, catering to different needs and requirements. Whether for a construction site, a public event, hospitality or leisure industries, site accommodation hire offers a range of options to ensure the comfort and convenience of workers and attendees. Various units can be hired to meet specific needs, from site offices and canteens to security cabins and portable toilets. These accommodations are designed to provide high-quality facilities, meet industry standards, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment. With quick setup times and cost savings compared to permanent structures, site accommodation hire proves to be a versatile and efficient solution for temporary accommodation needs.

Portable Cabins

Portable cabins are a versatile and convenient solution for temporary or mobile accommodation needs. Available in various sizes and configurations, these units can be easily transported and set up for various purposes.

Portable cabins can be transformed into offices, canteens, meeting rooms, or toilet blocks, making them ideal for construction sites, events, or remote locations. These cabins offer high-quality facilities and suitable welfare amenities, ensuring comfort and convenience for occupants.

In addition to their practicality, eco-friendly options are now available in the market. These energy-efficient cabins are made from recycled materials, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability.

Whether you need compact units for a small project or larger cabins for extensive accommodation requirements, portable cabins provide a cost-effective and flexible solution. Their sizes, configurations, and features, like steel shutters, anti-vandal units, and hybrid generators, can be customised to meet most specific needs.

Portable Offices

Portable offices are an ideal solution for site managers and admin staff. These versatile structures can provide the necessary space and comfort for the workforce while offering a range of features to meet various needs.

Portable offices are available in various sizes, allowing companies to select the perfect fit for their project. They come equipped with high-quality facilities, including toilet and canteen areas, ensuring workers have suitable welfare amenities on-site. These offices can also be combined with other site accommodation needs, such as portable cabins or modular units, to create a comprehensive setup that meets all requirements.

One of the key benefits of portable offices is their flexibility. They can be easily configured to meet specific layouts and design specifications, making them suitable for various tasks. Portable offices can be customised to meet specs, whether a meeting area for project discussions or an open-plan space for collaborative work.

In addition, portable offices offer quick installation and dismantling, minimising disruption timelines. They are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring options for hybrid generators to reduce carbon emissions. This makes portable offices a comfortable space for the workforce and an environmentally-friendly option.

Portable Toilets and Shower Facilities

When hiring portable toilets and welfare facilities for your site, various options are available to meet your needs. One of the key considerations is the type of unit you require. Whether you need male-only, female-only, or combination units, you can find the perfect fit for your site.

In terms of configurations and capacities, there are various options. You can opt for toilet-only units if that meets your requirements. However, if you need additional amenities, such as showers and changing rooms, units are available that combine these facilities. This ensures that your workforce has access to all the necessary amenities on-site.

For larger sites, there are options to cater to a higher number of users. High-quality, secure toilet units are available in 2+1 and 3+1 configurations, meaning there are separate areas for males and females and a shared space. This ensures privacy and convenience for everyone on-site.

Overall, portable toilets and welfare facilities are designed to provide comfort and convenience to your workforce. With various options to meet different requirements, you can ensure that your site has the appropriate amenities.

Combination Units

Combination units offer a versatile and convenient solution. These units combine different facilities in one structure, catering to on-site needs.

One type of combination unit available for hire is the anti-vandal unit. These units are constructed with high-security features, making them durable and resistant to tampering or theft. They can be customised to include offices, toilets, and storage areas.

Another option is purpose-built combination units specifically designed for certain functions. For example, office/canteen units provide a workspace and dining area in one structure, allowing easy access to food and a designated area for work-related activities. Canteen/store units combine a dining area with storage space, ideal for keeping supplies and equipment near the eating area. Canteen/dry room units offer a dining space and a dedicated room for workers to dry their clothes, especially in wet or muddy environments.

Combination units are particularly beneficial for smaller site setups. These units optimise the limited space by combining multiple functions into one structure. This not only saves space but also promotes efficiency and convenience for workers. Additionally, combination units can be easily transported, installed, and dismantled, making them a flexible solution for various project needs.

Overall, combination units in diverse configurations and sizes provide flexibility and efficiency for site accommodation hire, allowing tailored solutions to meet specific requirements for smaller site setups.


Canteens play a vital role in providing a space for workers to rest, relax, and eat. There are different types of canteen units available to meet specific requirements.

One option is the office/canteen unit, which combines a workspace and dining area. This allows for easy access to food and creates a designated area for work-related activities. Canteen/store units are another option, providing a dining area and storage space. This is ideal for keeping supplies and equipment close to the eating area, promoting efficiency. The most popular is the open-plan canteen.

For wet or muddy environments, canteen/drying rooms are available. These units offer a dining space and a dedicated room for workers to dry their clothes. This is especially useful in ensuring comfort and hygiene on-site.

Portable canteen units are known for their flexibility. They come in a range of sizes to accommodate different project needs. These units can also be easily combined with other facilities such as offices, drying rooms, or toilets, creating a customised accommodation.

Why Hire Site Accommodation?

Site accommodation hire offers numerous benefits for construction projects. Firstly, it provides a wide range of portable cabins and modular buildings for hire, allowing contractors to select the most suitable accommodation units for their specific project needs. These units are available in various sizes, ensuring that small and large construction sites can be catered to. Additionally, site accommodation hire services often include other necessary facilities such as portable toilets and canteen facilities, providing high-quality welfare amenities for workers on-site. This promotes productivity and comfort and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations. Contractors can access anti-vandal units that offer enhanced security against theft and vandalism. With their durable construction and steel shutters, these units protect valuable equipment and materials from unauthorised access.

Cost Savings

Hiring can provide significant cost savings for construction projects. Choosing to hire accommodation units instead of purchasing them outright eliminates the need for a large upfront investment. This frees up valuable capital that can be used in other project areas.

Additionally, site accommodation hire eliminates the costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and storage. The responsibility for these expenses lies with the hiring company, saving businesses time and money. Hiring also allows for more flexibility as the units can be easily scaled up or down as project needs change.

Choose Willbox for your site accommodation hire and experience the cost savings, on-time delivery, and eco-friendly solutions that we provide.

Quick Set Up Times & Flexibility

Quick set-up times and flexibility are key factors businesses consider. At Willbox, we understand the urgency of quickly getting projects up and running. Our units are designed for quick installation, saving businesses valuable time.

Our site accommodation units are ready to use within just 30 minutes after unloading, contingent on the availability of services on-site. This means that businesses can utilise the units immediately without any delays. Our efficient installation process ensures businesses can focus on their projects without wasting time on lengthy set-up procedures.

What sets us apart is our wide range of sleeper cabins and facility units that can be easily utilised for various purposes. Whether providing comfortable sleeping arrangements for workers or creating functional office spaces, our units can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any project.

In addition, our units offer the flexibility to be easily scaled up or down as project requirements change. This means businesses can expand or downsize their site accommodation as needed without any hassle or additional costs.

Our quick set-up times and flexibility provides businesses with an efficient and convenient solution for their site accommodation needs. Whether it's a construction site, event, or any other project, our ready-to-use sleeper cabins and facility units are here to meet your requirements.

Quality Products & High-Quality Facilities

Quality products and high-quality facilities can make all the difference. Our units are aesthetically pleasing and built with a structural warranty, ensuring their durability and longevity. This means businesses can have peace of mind knowing their site accommodation is built to last.

But it's not just about longevity; our units prioritise energy efficiency. With rising concerns about carbon emissions and the need for sustainable practices, our high-quality facilities are designed to be energy efficient. Our units are built to minimise energy and reduce environmental impact from insulation to efficient heating and cooling systems.

These high-quality facilities not only enhance the working environment for your employees but also enhance the reputation of your business. Providing comfortable and functional site accommodation shows a commitment to providing a safe and pleasant working environment, which can attract and retain top talent.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

Several factors should be considered when choosing a supplier for your site accommodation hire needs. First and foremost, ensuring that the supplier offers a wide range of options to meet your specific requirements is important. This includes a variety of sizes and types of units, such as portable cabins, modular buildings, and portable offices. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the availability of important facilities such as portable toilets and canteen facilities.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the facilities provided. Look for a supplier that offers high-quality units with durable features, such as steel shutters and anti-vandal units. The units should also have suitable welfare facilities, including toilet facilities and comfortable living spaces. The supplier should prioritise energy-efficient units with insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems to minimise energy consumption and environmental impact.

Furthermore, choosing a supplier with a reputation for excellent customer service and support is essential. They should be responsive and reliable, ensuring your accommodation requirements are met quickly. Consider suppliers with an extensive hire fleet and experience in providing site accommodation for construction projects of various sizes.

In conclusion, when choosing a supplier of site accommodation hire services, it is important to consider factors such as the range of options available, the quality of facilities provided, and the level of customer service and support offered. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can ensure that you choose a supplier that meets your specific requirements and provides the highest quality site accommodation for your project.

Range of Sizes & Variety of Designs Available

Having a range of sizes and a variety of designs to choose from is crucial to meet the specific needs of your project. Portable building solutions offer flexibility and choice, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for temporary accommodation.

With various sizes available, portable buildings can be tailored to fit your requirements. Whether you need a small, compact unit for a smaller site or a larger, spacious unit for a bigger construction project, there are options to suit all projects. These modular buildings are designed to be easily transported and assembled on-site, providing a quick and efficient solution.

For sleeping arrangements, sleeper cabins are an ideal choice. These cabins are available in various sizes and layouts, offering workers comfortable and private sleeping quarters. They can include multiple rooms, bunk beds, and ensuite facilities, providing a home-away-from-home experience.

In addition to sleeper cabins, facility units are available in various designs. These units provide essential amenities such as toilets, showers, and kitchen facilities. They can be customised to meet specific, including larger canteen areas or additional office spaces.

The range of sizes and variety of designs available in portable building solutions, sleeper cabins, and facility units ensure that you can find the perfect site accommodation hire solution to meet your project requirements.

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