What can shipping containers provide for construction sites?

What can shipping containers provide for construction sites?

April 13, 2022

What can shipping containers provide for construction sites?

April 22, 2022
What can shipping containers provide for construction sites?

Shipping containers are wonderfully adaptable structures, and with our in-house team of experts we can convert them into a multitude of different unit types.

construction site accommodation

Many of these units are ideal as temporary accommodation for the construction industry, as they can be easily moved to and from a location, with flexible buy and hire options available.In this article, we look at some of the clever ways that construction sites use our converted containers. From offices to shower blocks, we've got it covered.


Containers provide a brilliant solution for toilet facilities on construction sites. Portable toilets are ideal for events and short duration hires, although not suitable for medium - long term hires.

Containers offer supreme durability, protection from the elements, and solidity. Furthermore, containers can have plumbing inbuilt, including sinks and taps. The toilets can be hooked up to the mains waste or an effluent tank, as necessary.

Shower blocks

Working on a construction site is messy business, especially during the winter months. Workers must endure mud, concrete, paint, dust, soot, and more whilst plying their trade on a building project, and it's highly beneficial for those on site to have shower facilities nearby.

Shipping containers can be converted into portable shower blocks, perfect for use on construction sites but also at events where organisers need a fast and flexible solution.

Site office

An office on-site is a necessity for larger projects especially. Containers can be converted into exceptional working spaces and meeting rooms - fully insulated with heating, electrics and even portable wi-fi.

At Willbox, we've seen the rising popularity of the 360 degree view container offices, which are particularly appropriate for health and safety staff because they provide an excellent view of the whole site, from one vantage point. Site office security is paramount, and our anti-vandal converted containers are the perfect solution.


An army marches on its stomach, as the saying goes. These are the most common shipping container accommodation units used on construction sites. Canteens act as the hub of the site; a welcoming place where colleagues can gather for their breaks to eat, discuss, and debate the day's work.

Container canteens include all of the necessary conveniences, including sinks, water heaters, and electric sockets for cooking appliances. Typically, these units seat 6-12 people.

Drying rooms

On a building site, clothes can get very wet over the course of a day's work. It's extremely important to dry them out properly for the following day, and at Willbox we are seeing more construction sites employ the use of a dedicated drying room for their workers.

Shipping containers are converted to include insulation, hanging hooks, and heaters - offering a perfect space for hanging wet clothes to dry overnight. These areas can also be incorporated into other welfare accommodation units, such as toilets and canteens.

Sleeper cabins

These units are especially popular in the construction industry, providing great temporary accommodation that is portable and comfortable for workers. These converted containers include features such as wardrobes, mirrors, smoke alarms, and heaters, as well as sanitary conveniences - toilets, showers, and sinks. At Willbox, sleeper cabins are available to hire as twin or single sleepers.

Welfare units

Beginning a construction project is a huge undertaking, especially in remote areas away from from conveniences. These welfare units contain much of the necessary equipment that is needed when setting up a construction site from scratch.

They're entirely self-powered, as they contain a dedicated diesel-powered generator. Typically, these units will include a canteen, a drying room, and a chemical toilet.

Shipping containers on construction sites

There are plenty of reasons to use converted containers on construction sites, and we're proud of our role in helping this industry install high-quality temporary site accommodation in various forms. Shipping containers are durable, and able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, making them perfect for storing equipment and sheltering hardworking staff.

Their portability offers a brilliant flexible solution for construction sites, where conditions change regularly and workforce levels fluctuate with project progress.

When converted to a high standard, these units offer a solid and stable structure, complete with necessary modern conveniences such as electricity, water, and drainage.

For more information about the units we deliver UK-wide to construction sites, get in touch with Willbox today.

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